HELLO………. HaLow📶

📶Wi-Fi HaLow Redefines Wireless Connectivity, Surpassing Expectations with a 3-Kilometer Reach.
📶   The Australia based start-up Morse Micro has created a system-on-chip (SoC), utilizing the Wi-Fi HaLow wireless protocol, which adheres to the IEEE 802.11ah standard.
📶   The HaLow protocol operates in a similar way as conventional Wi-Fi with key difference being operation in the 900-megahertz frequency band instead of the 2.4-gigahertz band.
📶   HaLow’s Secret:
1️⃣ Frequency: Signals at lower frequencies possess the capability to propagate over longer distances and also enhanced penetration through solid objects. HaLow’s operating range is between 750 MHz and 928 MHz.
2️⃣ Channel Bandwidth: Will be able to manage massive number of IoT devices due to availability of narrow channel bandwidths 1MHz while in conventional Wi-Fi it goes from 20MHZ.
3️⃣ Battery’s Friend: Lower power than conventional Wi-Fi (devices can stay dormant for longer period and will wake up only when the data is to be transmitted).
📶     HaLow’s Challenges:
⏳  No global standard for 900MHz band unlike conventional 2.4GHZ.
⏳  Size of Antenna is higher compared to traditional Wi-Fi System.
⏳   Competition with other protocols such as LoRA and Zigbee.
⏳  High data rate applications might not be easily implemented due to sub-1 GHZ operating range that comes with greater penetration range but with limited bandwidth.

📶  Its worth noting that Morse Micro has built a decent patent portfolio around this technology. Here is a sneak peek into their patent portfolio.

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