What we’re doing

Services We Offer

1. Patent Portfolio Mining:

We uncover the most valuable patents from your portfolio through our comprehensive approach of patent evaluation. We analyse each patent of your portfolio over multiple qualitative and quantitative parameters Our analysis aims to uncover valuable insights and opportunities within the patent portfolio, such as identifying key patents, assessing their strength and relevance, and exploring potential strategies for monetization or licensing.


2. Identifying Infringers

With our deep tech expertise and exhaustive evidence mining strategies we have identified several infringers and converted portfolios into multi- million-dollar revenue generating streams. Our infringement analysis is clubbed with crystal clear evidences with well explained detailed reports to help you in your licensing journey.


3. Claim Charts/Evidence of Use (EoU)

With meticulous attention to detail, we construct robust claim charts that provide compelling evidence of infringement. Our experienced team goes beyond mere documentation and performs product testing (software and hardware), analysing tear down reports, and source code reviews to ensure your claim charts are designed for courtroom success.


4. Portfolio Due Diligence

We perform a comprehensive investigation and evaluation of the patents to assess their strength, validity, scope, and potential risks. If you are a licensee, due diligence is must to assess the strength and enforceability of the patents being licensed. We have extensive experience in performing patent portfolio due diligence for high profile Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A) and Technology Transactions.


5. Licensing Negotiations

We specialize in analysing patent monetization cases for licensing negotiations to ensure our clients secure favourable licensing agreements. Our experienced team of patent licensing professionals leverage industry knowledge and strategic insights to help you maximize the value of your patent portfolio through effective licensing arrangements.