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Praxtal is a technology consulting firm with a team of seasoned experts specialized in providing consulting services in patent litigation and licensing matters. Our core expertise is in licensing and litigating Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) in the high tech domain. 

Our Team

Nikesh Dodwani

Nikesh has 13+ years of experience in patent litigation and licensing domain. Nikesh’s core expertise is in designing scalable monetization campaign for clients. Worked closely with fortune 50 companies and tier 1 law firms in US and Europe and helped realize millions of dollars in jury verdict and settlements. Author of multiple SEP analysis reports that are being used in   multiple judgements in US and UK courts dealing with SEP litigations. Nikesh is alumnus of prestigious IIT Roorkee.

Sudhir Mishra

With nearly 30 years of telecom and networking industry experience Sudhir brings in invaluable insights to the intersection of technology standards and patent strategy. Sudhir’s strong track record in patent litigation and licensing is a testament to his ability to navigate complex legal landscapes while leveraging technical expertise. Joining the ranks of IIT Kanpur alumni, he seamlessly blends technical prowess with legal acumen, ensuring our team remains at the forefront of innovation and patent strategy.

Dr. Sunil Pathania

Dr. Sunil is a semiconductor domain expert with research focus on Signal Integrity Analysis of High-Speed On-Chip and Chip-to-Chip Copper Interconnects. Inventor of multiple US and Indian patents, he understands the importance of high value assets. Hi research has been published in several reputable journals and conferences. He is a Ph.D. from IIT Ropar and an MTech from IIT Roorkee.

Ankush Mahajan

A distinguished patent litigation expert with two decades of proven excellence, Ankush stands at the forefront of innovation, ensuring our clients receive unparalleled guidance in the dynamic world of patent litigation. . His extensive experience has honed a strategic approach that marries technical intricacies with legal acumen.  Ankush brings in an unparalleled ability to protect and enforce intellectual property rights 

Ravi Dodwani

Ravi is the driving force behind our business development at Praxtal. With over 12 years at the helm of Tata Steel and a globe-trotter for Tata’s global expansion, he’s not just an expert – he’s an inventor with a knack for turning ideas into innovation. His journey spans Europe, the UK, and Hong Kong, and now, he’s steering us towards new horizons, ensuring our firm remains the epitome of tech brilliance. 

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