What we’re doing

Services We Offer

1. Pre-Litigation Research:

Our clients rely on us prior to purchase or litigate a patent portfolio. Our support in patent portfolio acquisition ensure our clients put money only in the right set of patents. During the pre-lit research our team of experts gather relevant information and evidence to support the assertion of patents. Our pre-lit research involves thorough analysis of claim enforceability, claim validity analysis, market relevance and competitors in the domain under consideration.


2. Litigation Grade Claim Charts

The list of unwilling licensees is all time high and chances are almost certain that your claim charts will be scrutinized in the court rooms for all the reasons known. Therefore, your claim charts should be backed with deep tech research for evidences and experienced claim constructions to ensure your victory in the court room. We have extensive experience in preparing litigation grade claim charts through comprehensive evidence mining by document review, standards analysis, product testing (software and hardware), analysing tear down reports, and source code reviews.


3. Invalidation Searches

Our two prong search strategy supported by AI technology and clubbed with manual analysis delivers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Let us know if you wish to work with Patent Killers, that’s what our client likes us to call. We are Bad Patent Demolition Crew that goes beyond traditional way of prior art searches and more than 90% cases our team unearth a killer art.


4. Defensive Strategies

Our seasoned team specializes in crafting robust invalidity rebuttals and non-infringement defences tailored to your specific needs. Leveraging deep industry knowledge and thorough research, our experts dissect patent claims and prior art to construct compelling arguments that challenge patent invalidity. Also, we build robust and technology research backed defence to non-infringement arguments to ensure your victory in the courtroom.