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Services We Offer

1. Identifying Actual SEPs

Not all declared patents at SSOs are Standard Essential Patents (SEPs), our experienced team can identify the DIAMONDS—the genuine SEPs that stand out in licensing and litigation battles. We systematically sift through vast patent databases to pinpoint the patents truly implemented in industry standards. Trust us to navigate the complexities of Actual SEP identification and unlock the true potential of your patents.


2. Mining SEPs (undeclared)

Our specialized team dives deep into identifying SEPs for standards where an exhaustive list of declared patents may not be available. Leveraging a combination of deep tech understanding and industry expertise, we unearth relevant patents that are implemented in the technological standards. For instance, there are multiple industry standards with no formal list of declared SEPs such as Wi-Fi and Qi wireless charging standards. Our team has successfully helped clients in mining implemented SEPs in the standards and won several licensing deals.


3. SEP Claim Charts

Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) Claim charting is easy and hard at the same time. Easy because you know the universe to search for right evidences to get the job done, hard because it’s way too complex due to inherent complex nature of standards. Our more than two decades of collective experience in SEP claim charts preparation sets us apart from the rest. We understand the standards like none other, the approach for search and analysis of standards, the birds eye view on standards, stitching a rock solid infringement read and crucial knowledge of mandatory and optional features of the standards makes us go to team by industry leaders.


4. SEP Litigation Support

While pre litigation work is the foundation for any SEP monetization campaign. The real challenge begins when an unwilling licensee forces the SEP owner to set a date in a courtroom. Our expert team can be your strategic partner in entire Litigation campaign right from preparing SEP claim charts, market research, countering defensive strategies, royalty rates negotiations, cross licensing strategies. Partner with us to leverage our expertise and achieve your business objectives in SEP enforcement.


5. SEP Research Reports

Our expertise in SEP Landscape has resulted in high demand for customized SEP landscape analysis. We help SEP owners by providing tailored insights by doing comprehensive analyses on selective technologies, players and so on for specific SEP landscape. With our in-depth understanding of SEP ecosystems, we help in positioning of SEP owners to establish the leadership in certain tech areas and get the royalty rates on own terms. Partner with us to gain a strategic edge and unlock the full potential of your SEP portfolio.